WLMT Terms & Conditions

All courses are subject to terms and conditions as well as the information stated on our website. Information about each course can be found on this website.

To undertake any course at WLMT, you must be able to at least ride a bicycle to show that you have good balance. If you can’t ride a bike and have poor balance, please do not book as we are unable to train you for safety reasons.

For CBT courses you must have a basic knowledge of the Highway Code and a good command of the English language. Please do not book if you do not meet this requirement, as no refund will be issued in these circumstances.


Please ensure you are not late otherwise you will have to rebook at full price. No refund will be offered for CBT courses as you must be present for and complete each element before you can progress onto the next. If you do not complete your CBT for any reason, upon return you will be required to sit the whole course again if more than a week has passed since your initial CBT. This is the same for other specific courses unless prior arrangement is confirmed by WLMT. If you do not successfully complete your CBT, any subsequent training will be charged at £100 should you return within three months of your original course date. If you return after three months, you are required to pay the full price again. Please note that all course start times, including CBTs, are subject to change.


On the day of any training course or test, you must produce your valid driving licence and all relevant documents prior to starting your course. Please bring your original documents. No alternative forms of licence or ID are acceptable. It is your responsibility to bring these documents to all training sessions that you attend. In failing to do so, training will be terminated and fees for that day will be forfeited. For DAS students, this may impact the duration of your course, depending on the course schedule, and you may lose the entire course fees.


If you are borrowing a WLMT helmet, you must wear your own full head and face balaclava underneath - you will not be able to use our helmets without one. With all courses, you will be expected to wear sturdy leather boots that support and protect your ankles or your own motorcycle boots, and wear jeans as a minimum for leg protection. We no longer provide gloves for hygiene reasons, so BRING YOUR OWN ROAD MOTORCYCLE GLOVES ONLY for protection - builder’s work gloves, mountain bike gloves, off-road gloves, gardening gloves etc, ARE NOT PERMITTED. No sports footwear of any kind is acceptable. Your course can be stopped and you will be charged full price to take it again if you don’t wear suitable footwear or trousers. We also reserve the right not to take you to test and you will lose your fees should you not be safely attired. This may sound unreasonable, however, there will be no point going to the test centre as the DVSA will not test you.

Any damage caused to the clothing and helmet loaned to you during training will result in a charge being made against you depending on the circumstances leading to the damage.


When booking for a Licence Course, students are to:

  • Pay at least 50% of the course fee when making the booking. Any remaining monies are to be paid at the start of the course.
  • Ensure that they are ready to undertake this course, both in terms of having sufficient time to undertake the training and an ability to ride a geared bike proficiently.

These courses are not intended to teach you how to ride; they are designed to raise your skill level to a high standard to pass both MOD1 & MOD2 tests.


Coronavirus Important Notice If you have a cough, a cold, flu, difficulty breathing, a fever, or have been exposed to anyone who has the Covid-19 infection, or third party exposure, please DO NOT BOOK any motorcycle training course. Please note that we do not accept any liability whatsoever for the cancellation of any course as a result of coronavirus, therefore we are unable to refund any payment received. In order for us to consider rescheduling your course, you must present proof of a positive Lateral Flow Test via the NHS App, or a text message or email from NHS Test and Trace within 48 hours of your course start date. Please check www.gov.uk for regular COVID-19 updates. If your test is cancelled by the DVSA, we will reschedule as soon as it is possible to do so – we are unable to offer any refunds

All cancellations must be made by phone or email. Please be advised, we do not accept voicemail or text messages as notification of cancellations. If you do not attend for any reason, the entire course fee will be taken and you will have to pay again at full price.

If in an emergency you have to postpone your booking, we will require 7 working day’s notice. If you postpone a CBT booking within this timeframe, you will lose your entire course fee; for DAS, you will lose test fees, plus an admin charge of 25% of the entire cost of the course. We can then hold your course for a period of three months and if the booking isn’t fulfilled within this time, it will be cancelled you will be required to rebook and pay again. If you have already started your course and wish to cancel, no refund will be given, however we will reschedule the remainder of your course with no loss of fees - this is also covered for a period of three months unless otherwise agreed with WLMT. This also applies to test cancelled by the DVSA. If your test is cancelled by the DVSA for any reason, you will either be automatically assigned another test date by the DVSA or refunded your test fee only, then we will rebook as soon as it is possible to do so – we are unable to offer any refunds.

All cancellations will attract a 25% admin fee and will thereafter be considered in line with the following general principals:

  • Cancelling any course with at least 14 clear working days’ notice will attract 100% refund of any monies paid minus the admin fee.
  • Cancelling any course with at least 10 clear working days’ notice will attract 75% refund of any monies paid minus the admin fee.
  • Cancelling any course with at least 7 clear working days’ notice will attract 50% refund of any monies paid minus the admin fee.
  • Cancelling any course within or less than 7 clear working days’ notice will result in the total loss of fees paid.
  • Cancelling any course booked within 5 clear working days prior to the course’s start date will result in the total loss of fees paid.

When calculating “clear working days’ notice”, no account shall be taken of the day of making the cancellation and the day of the start of the course or single training day/re-test day. These cancellation terms also apply to rescheduling courses.

All discounted courses, rescheduled courses and special offers are non-changeable and non-refundable.


The terms and conditions for cancellations listed above also relate to all courses booked online, via email or over the telephone (please note that all calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes).

Cancelling any course booked within 3 clear working days prior to the course’s start date will result in the total loss of fees paid.


All students are expected to have a good knowledge of the Highway Code before embarking on any course or other training with us. No course is designed to teach you the Highway Code. There will be questions and interactions that will test your knowledge of the Highway Code. A lack of knowledge or understanding of the Highway Code may result in a student not being able to complete their CBT or other training. In these circumstances, no refund will be made. You do not need to be an expert, but you must have a good understanding of the rules of the road.


When booking onto any of the licence courses, students must be ready for their training. These courses are not designed to teach you how to ride. You must already be able to ride confidently and be able to use the gears, clutch and brakes effectively. You must be in a fit state mentally and physically to undertake the training. For example, attending the course after finishing a night-duty shift will not render you capable of concentrating sufficiently to ensure your safety and progress. Attending your course following a heavy drinking session the night before, using recreational drugs or prescription medication that clearly states ‘do not operate machinery’, will render you unfit for training. Should you attend a course when unfit as described above, or you are suspected of being impaired, we reserve the right to remove you from the course. There will be no refund and the course fee will be lost.

Licence Courses are designed to raise your bike handling and road craft skills to a higher level that will enable you to pass your A1, A2 or Cat A licence tests. These are intensive courses and demand energy and concentration from you throughout the course. Students will be trained to ride a variety of bikes to prepare them for any eventuality. We accept no liability for a pass or a fail in the event that training bikes are changed during training or test situations.

Make sure you book onto the right course. If you need more than a four-day intensive course, please call us, and one of our friendly members of staff who will be happy to recommend the right course or tailor-make a course for you. A longer course may be more expensive and not necessarily as beneficial – finding the right course for you is what we are here for.

If you attend the Four-Day Intensive course and are not ready to make sufficient progress, this will not only put too much pressure on you, but it will potentially put you and others at risk and may disadvantage your fellow student who is ready for the course. In these circumstances, we reserve the right to withdraw you from the test slots and recommend further training. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to halt your training or continue your training but on a bike of reduced size, which will affect the type of licence you may be awarded after passing the tests. No refunds will be made in these circumstances.


Prior to going on the road, all students will be asked to sign a disclaimer. You must confirm you are satisfied with the training you have received and as a result feel competent to continue with further training on the public highway. You must confirm that you are able to further your training on the Public Highway in current weather conditions and that the bike that you are riding is suitable for you. You must also inform WLMT of any learning difficulties, medical conditions, co-ordination problems or if you are taking medication, which could affect your learning or ability to ride.

In adherence to the Motorcycle Training Industry Insurance policy, failure to sign this declaration will result in the course being unable to continue.


In the event of a WLMT bike breaking down during a course, the course will be rebooked at a time suitable to WLMT, and we will also endeavour to work around student availability.


Whether booking onto any of our courses, undertaking private tuition or other training, we provide you with one bike for the day with the necessary third-party legal insurance cover to ride on the road. Should you damage the bike beyond repair during training or cause damage to property belonging to a third party, you will not be given another bike for the day and your course will be terminated for that day. Your fees will not be refunded in this instance, and you are accountable and responsible for the repair and/or depreciation costs. Please notify a member of staff if you wish to purchase a damage waiver, which will cover damage to the bike and third party. However it will not cover you for writing off the machine whereby the insurance company deems that the motorcycle is damaged beyond repair. In this instance, you would be wholly liable for the cost of replacing the motorbike.

If a third party is injured or their property is damaged, the circumstances of the cause of that injury or damage will need to be considered in making a decision as regards your liability and accountability. In these circumstances, our insurance company will (in consort with the third party) make a decision as regards to culpability. Should you be found to be at fault, we reserve the right to require you to be liable for all of the costs. For example, this may mean just paying the insurance excess or other amount. In the unlikely event of an accident, or loss or damage to your personal effects, you acknowledge that the company, WLMT, will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with the service (except in instances of death or personal injury caused by the company’s negligence) and waive all and any claims against WLMT in this respect.

Should you have an accident or cause an incident when acting outside of our training and or instruction (whether it be on the road or on private property), our insurance will not cover you. Details of the matter will not be referred to our insurance company for consideration. In these circumstances, you will be held accountable and liable for all costs. Your details, and not those of WLMT, will be exchanged with the third party and law enforcement. Settlement of any damage costs etc will be a matter between you and the third party.

When out on the road, you are responsible and accountable for your actions and compliance with the Road Traffic Act 1991, with all changes known to be in force on or before 20 October 2017 and the Highway Code. WLMT accept no accountability and or liability for your actions, which are contrary to the instruction you have been given or Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act. Any speeding ticket, parking violation or other law enforcement penalty incurred by you, will remain your liability and accountability.


When using a training bike from us, you will be required to:

  • Ensure the bike’s safety and security.
  • Undertake to be responsible and accountable for the first £2,000 of any loss or damage.
  • Be accountable and responsible for your compliance with the Road Traffic Act 1991, Highway Code and local byelaws. Any fines or penalties incurred will remain yours.


WLMT’s commitment to you is that we will provide you with good clothing to loan, good-quality bikes and high-quality training linked to well-designed courses. WLMT asks and expects you to have the time and energy to attend and partake in the course/training. How you schedule this is of course up to you, however, please take into consideration your work and/or other commitments.

If WLMT can accommodate any changes to your schedule, we will naturally do so, although changes to your booking are not guaranteed. WLMT books for you the use of training facilities, an instructor and motorcycle tests, and endeavours to put contingency plans in place should you need them. If you cannot attend because you have not secured the time, there is no guarantee that we can change your booking without a loss of fees. In these circumstances, there will be no refund and any re-booking of the course, and tests will be at an additional cost to you.


WLMT is simply asking that no matter what kind of day you are having and no matter what pressures you may be under, that everyone be treated with courtesy, consideration and politeness. This includes each other, the staff and pupils at Fairholme School (where WLMT is located), the DVSA test centre staff where you may go if undertaking one of the motorcycle licence tests, plus staff and students from other motorcycle schools who we may interact with.

WLMT reserves the right to cease training with any student that falls short of this basic standard. Should this happen, there will not be an automatic refund of any monies paid. The circumstances of the behaviour or interaction, giving rise to the removal from training will be examined to determine if any refund is appropriate.