Full Licence Courses & Packages

This includes category AM, A1, A2 and A

We can book your training/test days to suit your needs bearing in mind that tests are conducted on weekdays and we offer weekend training subject to availability. We also offer same-day training and testing as well as ‘test only’ bookings for experienced riders and retakes. All courses are booked subject to assessment. You must be able to ride a manual bike before you are assessed for DAS or A2 licence as we do not offer courses on automatic bikes for these categories. If you choose to book less days for training than your instructor has advised during your assessment, WLMT accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any potential failure of Mod1 or Mod2 tests. .

In order to take a Full Licence course you will need:

  • Your licence (Cat AM, A)
  • A valid CBT (DL196) certificate
  • A motorcycle theory test pass

You will need to bring all of these documents with you to training and test. Your course and test cannot go ahead without them and you may lose your fee. Course start times vary and are subject to change.

Full Licence Bikes


Your instructor will teach you all of the controlled manoeuvres required to pass your Module 1 test. These exercises are designed to enable you to demonstrate the skills necessary to assist you with dealing with a variety of situations on the road.

You must pass your Module1 before you can take your Module 2 test. The test will last about 30 minutes.

(Source: https://www.gov.uk/)

Bike categories ages and licence requirements


Module 2 training covers a wealth of road situations to prepare you for your on-road test and beyond. You must bring your Module 1 pass certificate to the Module 2 test, plus all the documents you had to bring to the Module 1 test.

If you would like your instructor to accompany you on the test, please ask the examiner this at the beginning of the test. Your examiner will not offer this to you.

Prior to going out on the road, your examiner will give you a one-way radio and brief you on what to expect on the test.

The Module 2 test normally takes about 40-50 minutes including paperwork and will include:

  1. An eyesight check: If you wear glasses for the eyesight check, you must also wear your glasses out on the road.
  2. ‘Show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions: You will be asked to demonstrate as well as tell the examiner answers to the questions, which will highlight your knowledge of basic maintenance/safety checks, as well as information that you would provide to a passenger to keep you both safe when riding.
  3. Road riding: You will ride on the road followed by an examiner who will give you instructions over a one-way radio throughout the road ride.
  4. Independent riding: This will last for approximately 10 minutes. You will be given a series of directions/instructions, this may include general directions or following road signs. You will not be expected to go on a motorway, so please be aware that if you do enter a motorway, you may not pass your test. You will not fail your test if you go off-route, however, if you plan well, this will not happen.

On return to the test centre, your examiner will debrief you on your riding test report. You will also receive a copy of this. It is more beneficial to you to allow your instructor to also listen to this debrief so that he/she can further assist you.


(Source - https://www.gov.uk/)

Bike categories ages and licence requirements


To use your own motorcycle for test, the vehicle must be taxed and you will need to bring a valid insurance certificate and a valid MOT certificate if bike is three years old or more.

Changes to category A from 2018.

From the end of 2018, the power output will change to at least 50 kW. A minimum kerb weight of 180kg will apply. Motorcycles affected by this change are shown on the list as A*. They won’t be able to be used for test from the end of 2018. This change is still subject to EU approval. For more details, please check our Important Links.


If you pass your test on an automatic machine, you will be restricted to riding automatic machines. You will qualify for manual and automatic machines if you pass your test on a manual bike.