Cool Customer

A big WELL DONE to Ronald, our latest success story!

Travelling to the site each day for his DAS training, across the river from the farthest reaches of South London, Ronald’s dedication and determination paid off handsomely when he passed the final part (Mod 2 ) of his Full Licence Motorcycle Test last week. ‘Ronald was cool, calm and disciplined from start to finish,’ says his instructor, Matt. ‘Always smiling, he was a model student and an absolute delight to train!’

‘This place is the best I’ve ever been!’ says Ronald. ‘Did my CBT, MOD 1 and MOD 2 back to back within 2 months! All the instructors were amazing in teaching me what I needed in order to pass the exams and to become a better rider. They’re all enthusiastic, helpful and really kind. There was never a day during my training where I wanted to leave as I had so much fun learning. It all paid off when I passed my final exam and finally got my full licence! Looking forward to popping in there to say hi and maybe go out for a ride or two!’

Congratulations Ronald, from all at WLMT. Be sure to drop by and visit us real soon!

Cool Customer
Feltham Bike School Full Licence DAS Mod 2