LOAN STAR training bikes

As part of your course package, why not loan a training bike from us for your continued learning?

We have two Yamaha YBR 125 training loan bikes for your use.

In order to loan one of these bikes, you must have booked a course with WLMT, hold a valid CBT certificate and a full UK or UK provisional licence. You also must be at least 17 years of age.

Basic third party insurance cover is provided with the training loan bike.


£55 per single day hire
£40 per day. minimum 2 days hire
£170 per week
£310 per fortnight

Why loan a training bike?

  1. Students that want to do their Standard/Restricted or Full category “A” bike licence (DAS course) find that loaning a bike for continued training helps them build up their road experience and confidence. They find that it enables them to maximise the benefits derived from their chosen course.
  2. Even though you may be thinking of doing the Full category “A” bike licence (DAS course); loaning the 125 bike will still enable you to practice the processes and slow control / bike handling skills when not with the instructor during the course. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Saves you buying a 125 following your CBT and prior to your chosen course, but ensures you reinforce all your training at a reasonable cost. The longer you loan the bike the more you save and the more you become comfortable, confident and competent on the road.

If you have any questions or just want to chat it through, then call 0791 453 6465 (please text after 7pm) or email us. See contact page.


LOAN STAR agreement form

Loaning a training bike will require you to complete the hire agreement form. This will require your name and address to be recorded along with bike details. You will need to produce your driving licence and valid CBT along with confirmation that you can ride a geared bike. You will then need to sign against the recorded current damage and you will need to sign agreeing to the following:-
“ I (the above named rider hiring the motorcycle) understand and accept that in loaning the motorcycle (described below) that I am responsible for its safe keeping and security especially when left unattended. I agree to garage the bike overnight. I also understand that I am responsible and liable for any speed limit penalties or other traffic violations that I may commit.

I further understand that in accepting the terms and conditions of this loan agreement, that I am responsible and liable for the first £2,000 of any damage or loss caused to this motorcycle or any other property belonging to a third party”.