Unlimited (unrestricted) Motorcycle Training Course. Also known as the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Motorcycle Training. Category A; Full Motorcycle Licence

(Minimum age 24 years) OR (21 years of age if you have 2 years A2 experience)

From the age 24; You can take your theory test and then both parts of the motorcycle test on a machine of at least 595cc and at least 53.6 BHP (40KW) of power.

After passing the tests, you will be permitted to ride any machine of any cc and of any power, you can discard your L plates, carry pillion passengers and ride on the motorway.

Note: If you are taking this test after already passing Category A1 or A2 above, you do not need to do the theory and hazard perception test again.

You do not need to have passed Category A1 or A2 before taking this course and test.

If you are taking this test after already passing the A2 test and have at least two years’ experience of riding machines in the A2 category, you can take the full category A test before you are aged 24. (eg; pass A2 test at aged 19 years and then ride for 2 years. Take the full category a test at aged 21). This licence in known as Category A. Unlimited (unrestricted) motorcycle.

Our minimal recommended length of course to prepare you for the two tests is 4 days (See below for basic course outline. More can be arranged if needed or advised. Some students will take 6 days to enable a slower and more relaxed learning pace ). It should be understood that the 4 day course is intensive. Students must be confident and competent in riding. This course is not designed to teach you how to ride; it is designed to develop your skills and competence to test level and beyond. I will provide you with all the process and guidance, but There is no substitute for road miles. Be prepared for the course mentally and physically. Ensure you have the time and energy to maximise the benefits to you. Students that receive the best results are those that are riding regularly or at least ride a geared bike regularly two weeks or more leading up to and during their course. Hire bikes are available if you do not have access to one of your own.

Day 1 MOD1 training with some MOD2 training
Day 2 MOD2 training and further MOD1 training as needed
Day 3 MOD1 test and further MOD2 training
Day 4 MOD2 test with pre-test warm up

Helmet, gloves and a jacket are provided for your use during the course, but you must provide suitable footwear and trousers/jeans.

See price list for more information.

If you have any questions or just want to chat it through, then call 0791 453 6465. Phone lines are open 8am-7pm, Mon-Sun – please text after 7pm or see contact page.